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Rocketman Tribute


    Welcome to the UK's ONLY Sir Elton John tribute show that features International Tribute Artiste Steve Hollington as 'Elton' playing 'live' piano throughout the entire show! The video footage featured below is from Nov 2019 (so is up to date!) and was taken during a single performance in a 2000 seater - full to the rafters - theatre. It is raw footage with zero enhancement etc so gives a 100% performance experience from the audience perspective & comes complete with a standing ovation from the entire auditorium!

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    About Steve's Tribute to Elton John

    International tribute artiste Steve is one of the few Elton tribute acts in the WORLD that plays ‘live’ grand piano throughout the entire show!

    Complete with full band charts, including trumpet, trombone, tenor sax, alto sax, keys, guitar, bass, drums, this show can be booked either as a solo act (as an acoustic performance or complete with full backing tracks and 'live' piano) or with the band option - anything from a 3 piece to a 12 piece band!

    A perfect X2 shows cruise contract option would be:

    Show 1: 45mins in the THEATRE’: ‘Elton Through The Year’s’ Part 1. With full band to include saxes, trumpet, trombone, rhythm section and of course the dazzling centrepiece Grand Piano for Steve to showcase Elton’s ‘classic’ years, ‘Tiny Dancer’, ‘Your Song’, ‘Candle In The Wind’, ‘Something About The Way You Look Tonight’, ‘Circle Of Life’, ‘I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues’ to name a few...

    Show 2: 45mins in the SHOW BAR: Elton Through The Years’ part 2. With full horns & rhythm section to include guitar and of course the Grand Piano for Steve to showcase Elton’s classic Rock & Roll showstoppers, ‘Crocodile Rock’, ‘Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting’, ‘Pinball Wizard’, ‘I’m Still Standing’ to name a few...

    From solo to full band and from ballads to bouncing rock & roll, Steve recreates the full range of Elton John's outstanding repertoire ~ all designed to delight you, your clients and all manner of audiences. The distinctive sound and visual experience Steve achieves as he pays homage to the great Sir Elton, provides a perfect and perhaps most importantly of all, fun tribute show that is guaranteed to entertain audiences all around the world!

    Gig Guide

    Telephone or text Steve on 07771 573281 for further info - thanks!

    International Sir Elton Tribute gigs:

    1 March-3 July 2019: Windstar Star Breeze (Caribbean-Europe)

    17 Aug-24 Aug 2019: P&O Azura (Rome-Southampton)

    6 Oct-11 Oct 2019: P&O Ventura (Southampton-Barcelona)

    24 Oct-1 Nov 2019: Celebrity Silhouette (Southampton-New York)

    3 Nov-9 Nov 2019: P&O Ventura (Southampton-Gran Canaria)

    23 Dec-27 Dec 2019: P&O Azura (BVI-Barbados)

    23 Jan 2020 - 6 April 2020: Windstar Star Breeze (Mediterranean-Miami)

    22 May-27 May 2020: P&O Arcadia (La Palma-Praia da Rocha)

    23 June-1 July 2020: P&O Aurora (Southampton-Tallinn)

    3-18 July 2020: Boston, Cape Cod, Plymouth USA

    UK Sir Elton Tribute gigs:

    Wed 10 + Thurs 11 July 2019: Expedition, Warrington with 8 piece band

    Fri 16 Aug 2019: Expedition, Warrington

    Fri 4 Oct 2019: The Venue, Bolton

    Fri 18 Oct 2019: Auberge, Southport

    Fri 15 Nov 2019: Olive Tree, Warrington

    Wed 27 + Thurs 28 Nov 2019: Expedition, Warrington with 8 piece band

    Sat 30 Nov 2019: Beaumanor Hall, Loughborough

    Fri 6 Dec 2019: Expedition, Warrington (private function)

    Tues 17 Dec 2019: Expedition, Warrington

    Steve Hollington Facebook

    Contact Us

    For Enquiries & Bookings please call 07771 573281 or complete the contact form below.
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